Many Firsts

Hours Of Operation (Thursdays,Sundays closed)

Mon-Wed, Fri–Sat~11.30AM to 7.30PM

Food Box in $5 (5 items)
Orders by 7.30pm, dine-in, pick-up till 8pm
Closed also on 4th July, 25th Dec, 1st Jan

Our Speciality~the first #OnlyWholeWheat #SodaFree and Nut-free 3-in-one restaurant in Michigan

  1. Launched the first ever 'Fresh for 90 days' packaged Curry, visit
  2. Lunch or dinner always starting at $5, Ala carte, dine-in & take-out whole day
  3. Vegan breads, roti(whole wheat bread) or stuffed roti, made on Tawa, olive oil spray
  4. Entrées in 8 oz ~ lentils, tofu, nutri-ggets in $4, 'Curry only' in $3, packaged also
  5. Co-creation, Make Your Own Entree~700+ options including 400+ Vegan & Vegetarian entrees
  6. Daily new entrées for Food Box ~ updated through Twitter, Facebook & website
  7. Indian beverage ~ Mango Lassi (yogurt), Indian Tea, Fresh Lime Water
  8. Self-service restaurant with bio-degradable platewares

Today's Special

19 Oct 2017 Thursday

Thursdays,Sundays closed,phones~734.528.4401,734.340.8418 (cell)

Entrées for Food Box (lunch ~ 11.30am to 3.30pm)


Raita (Yoghurt sauce) or Fruit

Veg Korma (vegetarian)

Mixed vegetables with creamy Pasanda sauce

Chickpeas Masala (vegan)

Chickpeas with potato in Mother's curry, home style

Chicken Kadahi

Chicken with Kadahi sauce, no dairy

entrées for Food Box (dinner ~ 3.30pm to 7.30pm)

Veg Balti (vegan)

Mixed vegetables with Balti sauce

Dal Makhani (vegetarian)

Black lentils with creamy sauce, home style

Chicken Curry

Chicken with Mother's curry, home style, no dairy